• Location scouting      
  • Complimentary first file pull
  • Custom client galleries with log in
    • Permits & insurance
    • Location management    
  • Staging, logistics & parking plans
  • Detailed maps & directions

    We know how important it is to have stellar locations for your shoot. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience scouting locations for everything from photo shoots to feature films. We can help you find the perfect locations for your shoot anywhere in the world. We also have a full service production and location scouting company based in Maine, where we have a huge location library already on file and are scouting new locations every week. 

    If you are interested in shooting in Maine, please see our "Maine Locations" page on this site, or visit our dedicated Maine location scouting website at www.MaineLocationScout.com.  

    We are happy to provide a complimentary initial file pull to help get your project started. Just send us your creative brief or contact us directly to discuss your needs. We'll set up a custom gallery with a private log in for you and your team to view your location package quickly and easily.